Aug 14 • 15M

Newsletter #90: Writing the Best Batman

My journey to writing the best possible version of MY Batman

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[This is a follow-up to Friday’s post about Year Two of the Substack and my trip to Ireland:]

Our Best Jackett
Newsletter #89: We're Giving You More Stuff!
Listen now (15 min) | Hey guys, it's Scott. I am back from Ireland and I had such a good time over there. I'll tell you about it in a minute, but first allow me to shill, please, because I am really genuinely excited and thrilled and over the moon about what we're planning for our second year at Best Jackett. So you guys are clear, when we signed up for Substack to do Best Ja…
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So hey, it's Scott.

Welcome to the second part of the post. This is just for paid subscribers, and I wanted to say, above all, thank you. If you didn't listen to the free post, I was explaining at the beginning of it that the algorithm for Substack has just flipp…

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