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Newsletter #63: Get Books Signed & Skip Lines Through Substack!

Info on what new rewards your membership level gives you access to!

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Hey guys, it's Scott.

It is Tuesday in April. Wow, how did that happen? I am back. I'm fully recharged after the trip with my son, and the writers room for Wytches is over. Now we just wait on pins and needles to see if the show gets greenlit. Really, everybody, please send your good thoughts to Elvis or anyone that you revere to make this happen for us, because I really think it will be something special if it goes through.

So today is just a big fat series of thank yous to you guys. What I want to do is provide all the stuff that we've been promising. So I'm very, very excited. There's never been a better time to be a member of Our Best Jacket! So I'm gonna start with the rewards for our Founders tier, our Black Jackett members. Thank you guys so much for signing up! And anybody that missed out on the opportunity, I'm really sorry we had to cap it when we did. We're just getting started and we don't have the infrastructure to handle more than the number of people than this, but we're going to reopen it in the fall, so just get ready. If you want to be in Founder’s tier, become a Black Jackett member, and get the exclusive covers and the ten books that you can send to me at any time, all of that, just stay tuned because we're going to reopen it.

But take a look at your amazing variant cover, your exclusive copy of We Have Demons #1 signed by me and Greg getting shipped to you, Black Jackett Club members! You'll have an opportunity now to provide your address to my manager, Doug. Doug and Comic Sketch Art are going to be the hub where everybody sends everything to get to me from now on to be signed. Amazing cover by brother Greg Capullo and colored by Dave McCaig. I love it as much as I love the original cover, and it will be sold nowhere. It's just for you guys, and it's signed. So it's coming soon. Take a gander, I love it, Greg is the best:

And then, in a couple months, you're going to have a chance to send all ten books that you want signed by me to me, okay? So just stay tuned for that. But first, for our annual members and our $7 regular members who take the class and get all the perks with that stuff, your chance to send books to me is now! I want to do you guys first and then do the Black Jackett members so that we don't get the books mixed up and to give Black Jackett members a little more time to decide what they want to send, because they're doing ten and you guys are doing one. But you get one book signed by me free, all you have to do is pay the shipping and you'll set it to Doug and Comic Sketch Art. All that information will be here in this post because Tyler, the best assistant in the world, will put it here:

Send your book to:

Black Jackett Founders Tier
5438 Lockwood Ridge Rd. #173
Bradenton, FL 34203

Include a sheet of paper with your contact info on it so we can reach out to bill you for CGC if you want that and for return shipping.

Please write your name, address, and phone number on the back of all backer boards!

And so your time starts now, and we’ll create a cut off in about a month. So start thinking about it right now, get it ready to send. You'll have a good amount of time to send something and we're going to close that window and it won't be open again for a while. And then we're going to give our Black Jackett members a chance to send all of their stuff. So again, all you have to do is pay shipping. Both ways. Don't just pay shipping to me, because I won't have a way to send it back to you. Pay for shipping to us and from us. And if you want to CGC certified, we will have a witness at the signature, it just costs more. That information, again, is here in this post.

So another thing—all paid members, whether you’re annual or monthly, I'm going to do a new thing where every time I go to a con, I'm going to do sort of a FastPass lightning signing exclusively for paid members. So I have a bunch of cons coming up now. I have got Washington State Summer Con in June, then I'm going to be in San Diego Comic Con in July where we're going to do special stuff for you guys, and then I'm going to be in Chicago at C2E2 in August, and then we have a couple lined up in the fall. So every single con I go to, I'm going to do a signing that's only for paid members, okay? So that's going to allow you to cut the two/three hour line and jump right in, get your stuff signed, say hi, all of that. So please, please, if you're not a paid subscriber and you're a free subscriber, again, there's no better time to sign up.

And soon over the summer, we're going to be doing merch that you guys get an exclusive shot at. All paid subscribers will get an exclusive shot at, annual subscribers and Founders in the Black Jackett Club will have a little bit of an earlier shot. So if you want to upgrade your membership from monthly to annual, now is a very good time to do it!

Upgrade to the annual tier!

On top of that, I'm gonna be doing a livestream. Let's do it tomorrow night. You can come ask me anything you want. I'm really grateful to the fact that you guys seem to enjoy the posts that I've been making about Batman and Joker and thoughts on other characters. So come bring your questions, gossip, rumors, existential dilemmas, characters, craft, anything you want! I love doing those. I've never been happier with a form of social media in the past fifteen years than this one. So, for me, getting to have a direct connection with you and getting to actually communicate and form real relationships with fans has honestly been really meaningful, so I love doing these. I look forward to them. So if you're an annual member, you get access to these four live streams. We've only done one, you still have three left, and I'll probably tack on another one later on. They're super fun. Come by 9:30pm EST on Wednesday night and we'll rock out!

I think that's about it. So in summary:

  • Free subscribers: We love you. You're awesome.

  • Regular subscribers ($7/month): Right now is your chance to send me a book of your choice to be signed for free, just pay shipping there and back. And if you want it CGC’d then there's an extra cost because you're monetizing it, but we love it anyway, so go right ahead.

    • Send your book to:

      Black Jackett Founders Tier
      5438 Lockwood Ridge Rd. #173
      Bradenton, FL 34203

    • Include a sheet of paper with your contact info on it so we can reach out to bill you for CGC if you want that and for return shipping.

    • Please write your name, address, and phone number on the back of all backer boards!

  • Annual subscribers ($6.25/month!): You have the same opportunity as the $7 regular subscribers, but you also get the livestream tomorrow night at 9:30pm EST through the Discord (email us at bestjackettpress@gmail.com if you aren’t on there yet). Come talk, come hang out. We'll have a drink and have fun!

  • Black Jackett Club subscribers/Founders tier: you guys will have your chance to send your book soon, but take a gander at the beautiful We Have Demons #1 that's coming your way soon. And we’ll be doing the five minute live one-on-ones starting at the end of this month into early May. So we'll have a blast with that

  • All paid tier subscribers: You will get a chance to skip the line at a con and get your stuff signed on the lightning round. That'll be fun!

And I think that's about it. A couple other things—go pick up James Tynion’s Sandman: Nightmare Country next week, it's awesome.

Go pick up Jock’s One Dark Knight. That series is so good, and I just read the advanced copy of #3 and it's fantastic. #2 came out last week.

The Swamp Thing from Ram V and Mike Perkins, #11 is out. It’s the beginning of Season Two, so they’re going back to the series and it's great, great, great stuff. So I hope you'll check that out, too.

And yeah, I mean, honestly, thank you guys! You all rock and this is a blast and I'm all in.


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