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Newsletter #186: Breakfast and Books

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Newsletter #186: Breakfast and Books

A quick update on the Twist and Turns class, SDCC Black Jackett plans, and the mail-in signing!

Hey guys, it's Scott.

It is Tuesday, June 18th, and we had a tiny bit of a miscommunication. Tyler has things he has to do on Thursday night this week, so we'll have to do the class next week. I would say we could do it Wednesday tomorrow, but I'm taking the kids to a baseball game. So we will reschedule it for next week for Thursday. But we have a lot of the materials already to go in our Dropbox (for paid subscribers at the bottom of this post. We're going to be looking at The Ultimates, we're going to be looking at Swamp Thing (yes, that issue), we're going to be looking at Beneath the Trees Where Nobody Sees. So we'll have a whole bunch of different kinds of twists. And I'll give you a bit of a prompt on Friday to help you think about twists and kind of the way we're going to address them in the class. So, really excited. Again, this is for paid subscribers. It’s a class on twists and turns. We're going to look at emotional end plot twists and turns, talk about the different functions of twists, look at some really effective ones, talk about why some are not so effective. We'll talk about movies, we'll look at comics, all of it. And we're going to look at some student work as well. So, really, really excited about it and I hope you can make it!

The Ultimates #1 (2024) | Variant cover by Bryan Hitch

Also, paid subscribers, we're getting ready to be able to have you guys send your two books for me to sign. They can be books of any kinds. They can be trades, floppies, etc. But we're putting that together. So start thinking about what two books you'd like me to sign. Usually I fly down to Florida and sign everything for everybody and then they send them back. So just start prepping that stuff because we'll have more news on it really soon.

Lastly, anybody in the Black Jackett Club that's going to be at San Diego, we're setting up our breakfast there. Usually we do a dinner but this year I have a lot going on, so it's just hard. Every night has something work-affiliated, so I apologize, but breakfast will be fun. We can do mimosas and Bloody Marys and we'll have guests and the whole thing we normally do. So if you are a Black Jackett subscriber, that's our highest tier. And I'm sorry we haven't been able to open it again, it’s just full right now, but possibly later in the summer we'll try and open a few slots. But if you are a Black Jackett subscriber and you want to come attend the breakfast in San Diego, it's a breakfast on us. Let us know. Hopefully there'll be enough people in San Diego this year to be able to do an event like that. If there’s not, we'll figure something else out. But we just want to make sure that if you're there, you have the chance to come out and get treated by us and meet me and have me sign anything, all that kind of stuff. So let Tyler know at bestjackettpress@gmail.com. There'll be an email coming out anyway to you guys but it's always good to be preemptive so just let him know. And we're going to start setting that up again really excited to dive back into class! I'll have more news soon about everything happening in my work world because again we have a lot coming out this summer and I can't wait to meet you guys in San Diego too. Talk to you soon!


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