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Newsletter #185: The Big Lead-Up

Newsletter #185: The Big Lead-Up

Gearing up for a huge few weeks for this newsletter from upcoming projects to the next Comic Writing class

Hey guys, it's Scott.

It is Friday, June 14th. I can't believe June is flying by, and I'm so sorry I've been out of pocket with these. I'm gonna make it a regular thing again starting next week, but I have good reasons. The kids all finished school and it's that strange period between school and work for the 17-year-old, camp for the 12-year-old, and camp for the five-year-old. So everybody's home. It's a bit of a fun, messy zoo. And also the writer's room started again. So we are neck deep in season two of Wytches. The first season should air end of ‘25, possibly or even more likely into ‘26 because of the strike. But either way, you'll start to see material for it next year, promoting it and all that kind of stuff. But yeah, so we're working on season two. It's sort of like Aliens to Alien. There's more Wytches, bigger Wytches, crazier Wytches. And without giving too much away, I think it could shape up to be something really, really special and at least as good as season one, which I already love. So we got our first test animation, our first trailer, essentially, like our trial trailer. And it looks awesome. It looks like Jock's art, essentially, but animated. So there's all of Matt Hollingsworth's great painted color, splatter effects, all of that kind of stuff is in it. So it looks like the book come to life and I just can't wait for you guys to see it.

Wytches #1 (2014) | Art by Jock and Matt Hollingsworth; Letters by Clem Robins

Also, I've been gearing up, like I said on Twitter, for some big announcements next month. So I'm trying to kind of lay low a little bit this month, just enjoy the quiet, hang out with family, friends. We're taking a trip up to Boston to visit colleges soon. We're going to Colorado on a weekend not too far from now to go look at colleges. We're in like full college visiting mode for the 17-year-old. And yeah, so I just wanted to also say we're going to do a class. I can't wait. We're going to do one next week. We'll do twists and turns. I'd like to look at Ultimates #1 and a couple other things.

The Ultimates #1 (2024) | Cover by Dike Ruan

We'll put them in a Dropbox for you on Monday if you're a paid subscriber. Again, now is a very good time to sign up for a monthly or an annual membership to the Best Jackett paid tier. We're going to get back into doing the classes, but also once these announcements hit in July, I'm going to sort of use this space to talk about a lot of that stuff, talk about a lot of projects coming, talk about White Boat

White Boat #2 | Cover by Francesco Francavilla

Talk about the next project for DSTLRY, which I have begun already and I'm very excited about, and talk about some of the other stuff we haven't announced or we haven't revealed at all yet. So this will be a very good space for that. I'm going to try and keep my social media presence a bit minimal in terms of any real substantive stuff so that this can be a real channel for us to talk to each other about all the work that I'm involved in. So I'm very excited about that.

And the class—Twists and Turns, I'm going to ask if Deniz Camp can come be a part of it for The Ultimates. He's an incredible writer, wonderful human being, really, really excited for his success at Marvel. And independently, if you haven't read 20th Century Men, you should go pick it up.

20th Century Men (2022) | Cover by Stipan Morian

He's got amazing work coming out, and he's just like, a passionate and talented creator. I'm going to ask him if he'll drop by, but we'll do a class on Twists and Turns. And I'll give you more to think about on Monday when I post the material that you should take a look at before the class. But again, sign up for our paid tier. You get to sit in live on this class. We record all the classes and they're archived. So there's an archive of over 20 classes of everything from creating villains to openings to all kinds of fun stuff. We have interviews with James Tynion IV, Joshua Williamson, Greg Capullo, and all kinds of wonderful creators so I hope you'll check it out. Again this is where I'm going to really put most of my effort in terms of promotion and also connection with you guys and honest discussion about what we're doing and why we're doing what we're doing and getting your opinion on it having actual chats, I'm also going to do a live chat soon. Very excited to get back into it. Twists and Turns next week, we'll probably do the class as we normally do on Thursday night at 9:30pm EST. But I'll have more final details early next week. I hope everything's going well with you guys and can't wait to reconnect!


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