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Newsletter #128: Quick Reminders!

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Newsletter #128: Quick Reminders!

FOC for Nocterra, climbing the W0RLDTR33, and some weekend dad updates

Hey guys, it's Scott.

It is Monday, March 20th, and I just wanted to do a very, very quick post reminding you of a couple things. I'll do the two questions tomorrow, but above all, we have class, We Have Class, WE. HAVE. CLASS. this Thursday on the 23rd. We posted the materials last week but we'll put them here again (at the bottom of the post for all you paid subscribers) just in case. We’ve got a great story called The Laundrymen and we have Malachite as a short piece. We're also going to be looking at Saga #1 and talking about the importance of backstory and finding a good balance in your piece for it. So I think it's going to be a really good one. It’s live at 9:30pm EST, and if you're a subscriber, for just $7/month, you'll have access to all of the classes that we've done so far. I think we have like, fifteen at this point on different subjects. We use published work, now we're using student work. You'll have a chance to submit, so do whatever you want!

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For anyone looking to dive into everything we’ve taught in class before, here’s the link to access all the video content we’ve had on Substack up until this point! And here’s an individual breakdown of all the different Comic Writing classes we’ve had so far or are planning on offering…
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Also, I am going to be at C2E2 not this coming weekend, but the weekend after starting on the 31st. So any paid subscribers ($7/month again), you guys, if you're there, you get to cut the line (not cut the line, but you know what I mean). If you come at the beginning of my signings, I have a special time reserved for you guys to come up and get yourself signed so you don't have to wait in any big lines. I haven't been back to Chicago since before the pandemic so I imagine the lines will be pretty long. So yes, please subscribe, become a paid subscriber and get to skip that stuff. And also for paid subscribers, we're having a VIP event, me and Tony Daniel. If you're a paid subscriber, you can get a discounted ticket to it. Just email Tyler here at bestjackettpress@gmail.com. And also, if you're a Black Jackett member, you get in for free (all for the price of your subscription). We’ve got giveaways, all kinds of stuff. So yes, come to see C2E2, say hi, give me a chance to say thanks to you. Even if you're just a free subscriber, it means a lot. Come up and just say hello. I'd love to get to say thanks in person.

Also, today is the Final Order Cutoff (FOC) for Nocterra #13. This is the second issue in our ‘No Brakes’ arc. Thank you guys so much for all the kind remarks on #12, the first issue of this one. And yeah, so just let's keep it going! If you can order it, that would be great. We're really proud of it.

Also, my dear friend, my brother James Tynion IV has his FOC day today for a brand new ongoing series he's doing at Image called W0RLDTR33 with Fernando Blanco and Jordie Bellaire and Aditya Bidikar. Amazing team, great book.

I've read the first couple issues and it's just the darkest, most twisted stuff, just the way you'd expect from James. It’s got really memorable characters, it's a thrill ride, it's a mystery. Don't miss it. Definitely, definitely order it today before it gets too late for it sells out. He's got a lots of great variants, store variants, and all kinds of stuff. So go check that out and subscribe to his Substack if you're not (I'm sure you already are):

So that's all the housekeeping. It was a crazy weekend, mostly dad stuff. I took Quinny to the zoo out here, which reopened. I'll post a couple pictures here, but he loves going there. It's like, a big petting zoo and wildlife reserve. And it was very, very cold. We thought it would be warmer. It dropped like ten degrees when we got there. It was freezing, but he did not mind. He was excited to feed the sheep and the baby goats and the deer. There's a bunch of albino deer there which reminds him of the one that haunts our property.

And then the next day, on Sunday, I took him and his brother to the aquarium out here, which was a lot of fun because he hasn't been there in years and barely remembers it.

So we have the great Long Island Aquarium. It’s beautiful, if you're ever in town, out by Riverhead. It's a really great resource and they do really nice things with marine biology and ecology out here, so it's worth supporting. Another great museum, just in case you're anywhere near Long Island, the Cradle of Aviation. They have a fireman museum attached to them, too. They all do great things and we're big supporters of those. So check them out.

Also the Wytches writers room has an official start date. I am so excited and nervous. So it's April 3rd, a week from Monday. We've been doing all this preliminary work, me and the other writers, so far. I have a co-showrunner on it, she's amazing, and then we have a an upper level writer, he's great. And the three of us had been breaking down the season every day for the last month and can't wait to get in there with the other writers and really do it officially. So yeah, wish us luck. Jock will be there, we're going to start talking to the animation studio really soon, and I'm just thrilled. I’m really thrilled and nervous.

Today’s Wytches Zoom call (don’t worry, this is my 11 year-old’s room, not mine)

And I'm coming to the end have a bunch of comic projects and starting a couple other ones I'll get to announce soon. But for the most part yeah, this Wytches stuff is going to be a big part of my life for the next five months, so I'm scared and excited. Alright guys, thanks again. And again, tomorrow I’ll answer a couple of your questions. Post questions in the chat or in the comments here. And yeah, if you get a chance, come by for the live class this Thursday night at 9:30pm EST. It’ll be a lot of fun. Bye!


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