Newsletter #86: Countdown to SDCC

Listen now | Hey guys, it's Scott. It's Tuesday, July 12, the week before San Diego Comic Con, the first in San Diego since 2019. So you can feel the anxiety and excitement I think all across the comic world. I'm going to be there from Tuesday through early Sunday. So there are plenty of chances to come say hi, if you're going and if you're a paid subscriber, you'll have opportunities to skip the main line and have your own shot at getting things signed by me and my best jacket, partners. I'll post all those times. Tyler here in this post with a full schedule. And then I'll put it up on Twitter and Instagram and everywhere too. If you're a founders tear member, Black Jackett member, you have your dinner there, which is going to be fun, I'm going to take you out show you good time give you exclusives. And yeah, it's funny like I have mixed feelings about going. I'll get to those in a minute though.

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