interesting take but Batman's greatest love is actually chocolate

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His greatest love is Gotham 100 percent

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“And yeah, I love Lois and Clark as well”

😂 almost like an afterthought for the premiere couple in DC Comics.

I find myself agreeing and disagreeing with the Batman part, only in semantics as I believe Batman cannot be happy, so he cannot have a long term love interest. That being said, Bruce Wayne can. Despite the arguments over who is the mask, I truly think Bruce is Bruce when all is said and done, and Batman allows Bruce to do what he needs to. After all, Batman is myth, legend, and an ideal by this point, more than man. Bruce is still flesh and blood.

I’m curious, are writers rooms preferred to be done over zoom calls, or do u guys gather in person? Does one or the other make things easier in the writing process?

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