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Newsletter #88: YEAR TWO

Breaking down what's coming your way in Year Two of Our Best Jackett

Hey guys, it’s Scott.

I wanted to make a quick video before we leave for Ireland tomorrow. We're going to Dublin Comic Con on Saturday, it’s sold out. If you're there, come by and say hi! If you see me in Dublin or Galway walking with my kid and my wife, make me look cool in front of them, come say hello and give me a chance to say thanks. Sorry I've been quiet, I'm kind of recovering from San Diego (no COVID, thank God) and then getting ready for Ireland. But I wanted to make this video saying thank you for the most incredible first year of Our Best Jackett, our platform here at Substack, and giving you a preview of what we're going to do in year two.

Year Two starts in September. For free subscribers, everything stays the same. You'll get all the previews, you get all the peaks, you get all this stuff—all the thoughts and ruminations from me and friends. For paid subscribers, we now have an archive with all eleven classes (and all the mini-classes) that we've done so far for Comic Writing 101. So you can easily click on one, see them at your own leisure:

Our Best Jackett
ARCHIVE - Comic Writing 101
For anyone looking to dive into everything we’ve taught in class before, here’s the link to access all the video content we’ve had on Substack up until this point! It’ll also get updated as we go, so just come back here whenever you’ve missed anything or want to look back at our highlights, which include…
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We're going to be doing more live classes, and this class will switch over to Comic Writing 102 in September. We’re gonna do one more 101 class on August 17th that’s about endings, and then in September we're going to start looking at your work in addition to published work. I think this is something that's going to make the class exponentially more helpful. We've only looked at stuff that are really effective examples of different techniques—characterization, emotional conflict vs plot conflict, etc. Now I feel like looking at things that need a little bit of help but also have strengths, that's how I learned. A workshop is where I learned very fast on a much, much more rapid scale to be a better writer, so I'm very excited about that. So Comic Writing 102, you get live and then archived.

If you go to a con I’m at as a paid subscriber, you get to skip my line. You have a special line for me at the beginning of every signing. Paid subscribers also get to send one book of any kind (trade, floppy, omnibus), twice a year for me to sign them.

And again, the class alone, if you go take a look at the archives, we had conversations with Greg Capullo and James Tynion and Matt Rosenberg and Donny Cates and just so many great people—Chip Zdarsky, I’m so proud of that class. And again, we're just going to ramp it up, do even more great stuff in the second year.

Founder’s Tier—if you want, we're going to open up the Founder’s Tier again very briefly. I think we can handle another handful of people in September. Before that happens, Current founders tier, on August 11th, you're gonna get your chance to start sending in ten of your own books, any kind you want, to be signed by me. We'll post the address again next week and you have you'll have a month window to send everything you want in. Free of cost, all you do is pay shipping. And then on September 2nd, everything that you're supposed to get so far will be shipped to you. So that’s the exclusive We Have Demons cover signed by me and Greg:

A special extra Nocterra exclusive trade sent to you:

And the Blacktop Bill lenticular, signed by me and Tony, and a couple of free extras thrown in as a thank you:

For existing Founder’s Tier members, if you didn't get to go to the dinner in San Diego and you want to go to an all expenses-paid dinner during New York Comic Con, we're setting one up. That’s only if you didn't go to the San Diego one. It was huge fun, I think it was one of the highlights of the year for me.

Meeting Founder’s Tier member Yusuf at the Founder’s dinner in San Diego

And then if you want to be a Founder’s Tier member, again, just keep your eyes open because we're going to open it very briefly. We can only handle so many people. And again, you'll have access to the dinner in New York, you get a chance to send in your books once a year, probably twice a year, and it’s ten books of your choice. You get five minute one on ones with me (details for those coming very soon), and you get all kinds of free stuff. There’s five exclusive signed covers a year that only you guys get there aren't available anywhere else. Should be a lot of fun!

We'll put a whole list of all of it. I just wanted to let you know that we're gearing up. When I’m back from Ireland, we'll start all this stuff up and we're gonna have, I think, a better second year than the first.

Free subscribers:
Access to all free text/audio posts (once weekly)

Paid subscribers:
Access to all text/audio posts (twice weekly)
Entry to all upcoming live Comic Writing 101/102 classes & full class archive
Entry to all upcoming livestream Q&As (Annual subscribers only)
Skip all my lines at upcoming conventions
One book of your choice signed via mail (just the cost of shipping)

Black Jackett Club subscribers:
All of the above PLUS:
Five exclusive signed covers annually
A five-minute one-on-one video call with me annually
Entry into a raffle for New York Comic Con tickets
Invitation to an all-expenses-paid dinner in New York (No plus-ones, only for those who weren’t at the San Diego dinner)

So thank you guys so much. I cannot tell you how much I love doing this with you. It's really, really been a highlight of my career. And thank you Tyler, also, who's a hero, everyone should go thank Tyler and give him a hug because he's the best assistant ever and he's been helping me through all of this. And I think next year will be ten times better than first year, so thanks!


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