Announcing the opening of the Our Best Jackett founder's tier membership!

Hey, guys, it's Scott.

And I'm here with really exciting news. We are about to open up our founder's tier level at Our Best Jackett. We're calling it our BLACK JACKETT CLUB and we're opening it on January 31st, one week from right now!

We're going to limit it to 350 people for logistical reasons. So, if you're interested after you hear what we're offering, please, please get ready to sign up the minute we hit January 31st because we don't want you to miss out. Now, what do you get for becoming a Black Jackett Club member? you get an overload of amazing stuff. We didn't want to launch it when we started Our Best Jacket because we really wanted to put together a package that was extra special for our VIPs. For just $300/year, you get a package that is priced at >$700 worth of stuff. So, we really wanted to make sure that you get a chance to rip us off and walk away feeling extra coddled, extra special, and extra thanked. If you sign up, you will obviously get everything in the regular paid and free memberships. You get the free and paid newsletters as well as access to the full archive of all past Comic Writing 101 classes and entry into any of the upcoming ones that we do live each month. But, more importantly, you get all this new special stuff like:

  1. FIVE SUBSTACK EXCLUSIVE VARIANT COVER ISSUES that ONLY MEMBERS will be able to get!! These covers will NOT be sold elsewhere! 
    The FIVE SUBSTACK EXCLUSIVE VARIANT COVERS will include: a WE HAVE DEMONS #1 SUBSTACK EXCLUSIVE VARIANT. This will be a cover done by BJP’s own Greg Capullo, AND... wait for it... it'll be SIGNED by me AND Greg!!! That'll come in spring. Another will be a NOCTERRA: VAL #1 SUBSTACK EXCLUSIVE VARIANT in the summer. Another will be a SUBSTACK EXCLUSIVE VARIANT for the return of WYTCHES at the end of the year. PLUS, TWO TBD SUBSTACK EXCLUSIVE VARIANTS from existing or upcoming series over the course of 2022.

  1. YOU WILL GET THE CHANCE TO SEND ME TEN BOOKS OF YOUR OWN BOOKS TO SIGN! That's right, TEN! You'll have the exclusive opportunity to send your books to me to sign. They can be issues, trades, omnibuses, whatever you’d like. All we ask is that you cover the cost of shipping. (And a HINT: You could always send me the exclusive covers you just got to sign and raise the already high value even higher...)

[Anyone who sends us books to be signed will also be getting their very own commemorative Black Jackett poker chip as our token of affection to you for supporting us!]

  1. The FIRST HUNDRED sign ups will also get a special lenticular variant of Nocterra Special: Blacktop Bill #1 signed by me and Tony S. Daniel!

    In addition, those first hundred will be eligible for a five minute 1-on-1 chat with me! Sign up soon and we can chat, just you and me, and you can ask anything you'd like!

  1. 24 HOURS ADVANCE TIME on ALL BJP MERCHANDISE! All our BJP merchandise is going to be limited - shirts, lithos, statues (wait until you see the statues), and will likely go quick! But as a FOUNDER, you'll get access to anything about to go up in our store 24 HOURS ahead of time!

  1. You'll get FREE ACCESS to the VIP EVENTS I do at conventions (which usually cost $100-200). If you make it to the con, you can come to these events where I sign, take pics, and do exclusive giveaways all for free!

  2. An invite to a FOUNDER'S DINNER at SDCC with me, where the first hundred members to respond will get an EXCLUSIVE LITHO that'll be signed by me and other BJP creators!  Yep, you come to SDCC and we'll take you out to dinner! 

  3. You'll be entered in a raffle to receive one of THREE FREE TICKETS to NYCC to come see us! 

So, again, we're really really thrilled about all of this. I wanted to wait until we had something that we felt was worth your time and money and all of that, so I really hope you'll think about it! To sum it up, for $300/year you’re getting:

  • 5 exclusive covers (1 signed by Greg and me!) 

  • 10 of your books signed! 

  • Access to all VIP con events for free 

  • 24 hours advance on all our merch! 

  • One-on-one chats for the first 100 people

  • Dinner at SDCC for the first 100 who sign up for it! 

  • A chance to win a ticket to NYCC! 

Sign up to be a Black Jackett Club member and we'll have a great year and have lots of fun. Thanks guys!


P.S. Thanks again for supporting our books on comiXology! Night of the Ghoul #4 and Clear #4 just dropped yesterday and the reception's been super warm so far, something I'm endlessly grateful for. And as another reminder, Nocterra returns next Wednesday! Issue #7 is the first of our second arc, Pedal to the Medal, and we’re all super proud of it. So I hope you’ll check it out and let us know what you think!

And in some less stellar news, we learned a few days ago that Quinn’s daycare had a COVID outbreak. Sure enough, he tested positive a day later, and I started developing symptoms pretty soon after. Everyone’s okay aside from some congestion and coughing, and we’re obviously all hunkered down until it’s safe. The unfortunate thing is that it looks like I’ll have to push the livestream back a week. I really do apologize for delaying it so much, but I want to make sure I’m at my best for you guys, and I definitely don’t feel 100% yet. To those who knew about all this and sent me their well wishes, I really do have to thank you for keeping us in your thoughts. And for everyone out there, here’s another reminder to always mask up when possible and stay safe! I hope you’ll accept this picture of me in a Snuggie as an apology gift.