Join us for a live AMA on the paid Discord server TONIGHT at 9:30 EST!

Ask me anything about writing, DC, Yankees, and more!

Hey guys, it's Scott.

And sorry, I'm hiding in my 11 year-old’s room, although I am in awe of his Lego Nintendo that he built. But I'm doing this because tonight at 9:30pm EST I'm going to be doing a live AMA for paid subscribers of Our Best Jackett! It should be a lot of fun. You can come ask me anything about DC work or indie work or the craft or industry or whatever you want. Nothing's off limits.

So for paid subscribers, we'll be doing it through our Discord. If you're not a member already, just email the best assistant Ty at and we'll sign you up. If you're not a paid subscriber, it's only $7/month (or $75/year) and you get fun events like this. We bring on guest creators and you also have access to all 20 of the classes we've done so far for Comic Writing 101 and 102, you get your book signed by me, you get to cut lines at cons, and all fun stuff.

So I hope you'll join! We have a live class next week. We were going to do it this week, but I forgot I had tickets to the Yankees game with my amazing editor and friend Will Dennis and my kid. So next week class, this week AMA. Come ask me anything!