11/2/21 Class #3½ (Characterization Coda) Audio & Video

The recording of our mini-class to wrap up our discussion of characterization in storytelling!


That was really fun! Hope you all enjoyed our mini-class on characterization. For those who missed it, the full audio from the session is embedded in this post, and here’s a full video as well!

Again, I’m really excited to meet up for our next class, which is gonna be on Wednesday, Nov. 17 at 9:15pm EST. Chip Zdarsky’s gonna be a guest speaker, and we’ll be talking character arcs using examples from his work, following by a Q&A! Like all other Comic Writing 101 classes, that’s gonna be for paid subscribers only, so for any free subscribers who enjoyed this session, you can sign up for only $7/month for the full archive of paid posts and classes.

Thanks so much, everyone!