Newsletter #47: "a silent dark night" - Reading Outside Comics (Poetry)Listen now (9 min) | A video/audio beginner's guide to poetry analysis
Newsletter #48: Three Have DemonsListen now (7 min) | New comiXology releases, this week's Comic Writing 101 class, Substack updates, and Godzilla!
Newsletter #46: An Early BirthdayListen now (6 min) | Putting to rest some confusion on my birthday and announcing the latest in Best Jackett news!
Newsletter #45: Things I Liked in 2021Listen now (11 min) | Listing some of my favorite media consumed in the last year, plus the first annual Quinny Awards!
Newsletter #44: Three-Act Mini-ClassListen now (14 min) | A quick video breaking down comics from Tynion and Miller
Newsletter #43: A 2021 Best Jackett Recap & A Look AheadListen now (13 min) | Going over the first year of Our Best Jackett and some more thoughts on The State of Media (feat Harrison Ford!)
12/22/21 Class #5 (Three-Act Structure) Audio & VideoListen now (102 min) | The recording of our fifth class & info on upcoming livestreams!
Newsletter #42: Scum & Villainy Listen now (11 min) | Why my Christmas wishes often lead to the best villains
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