3/23/22 102 Class 3 ArchiveListen now (129 min) | The recording of our third official Comic Writing 102 class & info on upcoming events
How to join tonight's class to Comic Writing 102, featuring an issue-length story and a short submitted by students and a look at Saga #1!
Newsletter #129: Hidden GemsListen now (16 min) | Shining a spotlight on movies and comics that flew in under the radar; PLUS some comics market thoughts and answering your…
Newsletter #128: Quick Reminders!Listen now | FOC for Nocterra, climbing the W0RLDTR33, and some weekend dad updates
Newsletter #127: Villains & Script FormatsListen now (13 min) | Answering your questions and talking next week's Comic Writing 102 class!
Newsletter #126: Everybody Have Fun TonightListen now (9 min) | Talking Clear FOC, the start of a new Nocterra story arc, and having FUN while making comics!
Under Pressure (Part 2)Listen now (8 min) | Answering your burning questions about panel placement and Disney Parks!
Newsletter #124: Under Pressure (Part 1)Listen now (12 min) | Recapping my Colorado mini-vacation and the impending avalanche of work ahead of me, PLUS a Grant Morrison story!
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